Reiki Treatment, What To Expect During one

Reiki treatment

Reiki Treatment

What is a reiki treatment? Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing that focuses on removing blockages from the 7 main energy centers known as the chakras. Reiki treatments are non evasive and can cause no harm to the client or the practioner. The client will lay flat on his/her back fully clothed (unless service is accompanied with a massage) The Reiki therapist will lead the client into a meditation so that the client is in a relaxed state.

Reiki Treatment
Therapist holding hands above head of the patient to transfer energy

As the client gets led into meditation once relaxed the therapist will begin to hover his/her hands over the client where the chakras exist see chart. Some clients have reported feeling heat in places where the therapsit hands hovered over; Some also felt a cold sensation. Regardless of the client reports the best thing to do is have no expectations because rather you feel something or not energy will be moving and working.

The Service

Your Reiki treatment will last at the least an hour (depending on time payed) The therapist will move through each energy center assuring that the blockages are moving. The therapist may stay working on a specific energy center (Chakra) longer than the others. Some centers have blockages that just needs extra TLC to move. Once the therapist is done he/she will do a final check using a pendulum once the pendulum reveals that all energy centers are moving and spining as the should your therapist will notify you to sit up slowly taking as much time as you need.

Once the session as ended the therapist will have a conversation with you about the areas of blockages and go into detail about what the blockages may indicate. I can’t speak for all therapist but for me after we briefly discuss the areas that were blocked within 72 hours you will receive a detailed email about your session along with a diet plan, chakra plan, meditation plan, we will touch bases again

What To Expect After Your Session

After you Reiki Treatment you should drink plenty of water. You may experience some emotional charges like feeling very sad or extremely happy, energetic, exhausted etc.. What ever the case don’t fight it allow the emotions to surface and let them flow out; So if you feel like crying go ahead and cry its okay. The blockages being removed was in turn getting rid of harbored emotions. Make sure you stick to your plan and consult your therapist if needed.

Reiki Treatments are good for all ages and all walks of life so schedule your next session today!