Fuck Them Kids

Fuck Them Kids
Shot of a young woman looking upset after a fight with her husband in the background

Fuck them kids! Yes you read the title correctly. I came to the realization that more people would be happy. Raising happy children if they just would say fuck them kids. My grandmother use to say “don’t do what I do, do as I say do.” So, in essence you want me to do something that you, yourself didn’t and don’t do, yeah ok! Often times when I asked my cients or people in general why they chose to stay in an unhappy relationship? The most popular answer is “for the kids!”

I can recall my mom feeling unhappy and wanting to leave. But, she Felt she needed to stay for the sake of my younger brothers. When asked, I told my mom and dad to do what was best for them. The boys would be ok. My mom and dad painted a false picture for so many years that they were happy even though they wasn’t. See my parents should have split years prior to it actually happening. I love both my mom and dad but unlike my brothers I was grown and understood life in a way that they had yet to experience. My parents did not do a good job with preparing them for what was to come.

The Coming

fuck them kids

From my brothers perspective, as far as they knew their parents were happily married. Through subconcious parenting my parents taught my brothers to compromise their happiness for someone elseses. When my dad called me to tell me my mom was’nt happy my respone to him was neither are you. See I saw the energy between my parents long before my brothers were of age. My parents wasn’t truly happy, their actions showed it. My parents were never taught to choose themsleves. Both came from households were two unhappy parents stayed together for the sake of the children. So when they became parents they unconciously followed suit.

Subconscious Parenting with kids

Subconcious parenting is parenting that we do by default. We don’t realize that we are doing it. Children learn behavior patterns based on the environment they grow in. The subconcouse is constantly recording and creating programs based on the enviromental experience including emotional and mental. In due time those created programs will run on auto piolet when they see fit. Creating a never ending cycle of learned behavior.

Saying fuck them kids is saying I will choose myself and teach my children to choose themselves through my own actions of choosing me. You must do what you need to do for you first. You make all these unhealthy and unhappy sacrifies for the “kids.” I hear all the time poeple telling me they was just doing what they saw they parents do. Even when they knew how unhappy thier parents were. No matter how much you try to pretend that things are all good the subconcious will forever record the energetic frequency of the enviroment and instill that into the child.

If you think about it, staying together for the sake of the children is not preparing your child for the real world. See the world isn’t going to tip toe around sparing their feelings from lifes reality. Instead, life is going to chew them up and spit them out. They wont be prepared because they never learned to choose themselves. They are going to do what they saw their parents do. So they will spend years in a miserable job or in miserable relationships, business or personal never daring to choose themsleves.

Fuck Them Kids

The best thing you can do for your children is say fuck them (I know y’all hate it when I say that.) Choose yourself first and you will have taught them one of the greatest lessons to learn. Even when you’re not around you will feel good to know no matter what your child/children will choose whats best for them. Which will help them live a more happy, healthy life!