The Coronavirus Can Help Get Rid Of Procrastination


With the Coronavirus on a rise (or not) people all over are being asked to stay in the house as much as possible. For some this feels like elementary punishment and for others this is what they do anyway. But, the way I see it is since the world is on somewhat of on a slow down. Why not take this opportunity to get rid of or indulge in understanding yourself. Try to understand why you move how you move. You know, do some reflecting indulge in yourself for once.

Do you even know why you procrastinate? like, where the root cause came from. Have you ever even thought about it. I have and I made video just below of how I over came procrastination. Take this Coronavirus time to get rid of the very thing that is holding you back. I share my stories so you know that you are not alone and if I can heal so can you.