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Quickest Way To Boost Your Immune System

Boosting your immune system during Covid 19 pandemic is very vital to your well being. How...

Get rid of hospital phobia for good

  Hospital Phobia Get rid of hospital phobia for good . When it comes to western I have a Bit of hospital phobia. Although I...

What is reiki? Reiki In Hospitals

 Reiki in hospitals.The past few years Reiki has pushed it's way into the hospitals and I am here for it.  But I do have...

Spiritual Cleanses & Readings

Spiritual cleanses and readings are done by scanning your Chakras systems current vibration and checking for the areas that are speaking the loudest. This...

Thermo-auricular Therapy

Thermo-auricular Therapy also know as Ear Candling is a therapy used to remove toxins from the ear canal. This Therapy is done by using...