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Canceling What You Manifest Without Knowing

Manifest Without Knowing: During the manifesting process, you must not forget the part of that process that is unknown. Like unknowing exactly...

3 ways to change your relationship with money

Most effective ways to change your relationship with money. Your Dysfunctional Relationship

The Chakras……. Physical or Metaphysical or both?

Physical or Metaphysical? What is a chakra exactly? Chakras. An energy center, or Chakra, is a non-physical organ. It is the place in...

How to get the Sacral Chakra at it’s best

How important is the Sacral Chakra The Sacral Chakra is the center of sensuality and sexuality it is also...

How To Live in the present

Live in the present When we think about shifting what comes to mind? Movement from one angle to the...

How to become Consistent in an Instant

Become Consistent in an Instant: Today i want to talk about a issue that i myself use to find a little challenging....