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Chakras and Religion

Chakras and Religion : I knew one day I would be encouraged to clear the air up on chakras and how they...

Psychotronic Power & Manifesting with Images may be more powerful

So today we are going to focus on Psychotronic Power of Manifesting. If this is your first time hearing this term i...

Live Life On Your Terms

Live Life On Your Terms: Wouldn't it be nice to live life on your terms, no matter what those terms were? There...

#1 Reason Why You Wont Be Succesful

Reason Why You Wont Be Succesful: There is a lot of reasons that may cause a person to miss the bus to...

Chakras Hold the keys to Financial freedom

keys to Financial freedom? As long as you do what you are spiritually called to do, you'll make money. Making and managing...

Why Daily Affirmations Don’t Work

Let's talk about Why Daily Affirmations Don't Work Do Affirmations really work? How powerful can writing...

3 ways to change your relationship with money

Most effective ways to change your relationship with money. Your Dysfunctional Relationship

It takes more than willpower and positive thinking

Let's talk about how willpower and positive thinking are the best for your life

How To Re-write the Subconscious mind

 Re-writing the Subconscious mind The Program The Subconscious mind is...

Science proves that the Chakras Exist!

We will see Science proves that the Chakras Exist! For the Record