Reflections In a Glass/ A Self Love Story

Self Love

Self Love, based on my reflection in this glass I’m holding, I don’t give a damn! But, now is not the time to publicly display how I’m feeling. I can’t lie, I feel pretty amazing. It’s something about coming into yourself; the feeling that it brings. It’s like, your finally your top priority (that’s Self Love) but in an organic kind of way. It hasn’t always been like this. Journey with me so you can truly understand what I’m feeling. By the way I’m Neesha but my friends call me Boo, so just call me Boo.

Now keep in mind this was the ending of the beginning or maybe the beginning of the ending. Either way something was ending and something was beginning. I was just getting out the shower, my towel perfectly wraped around my body exposing all of my curves; Face fresher than ever. I was admiring myself in the mirror when i heard Charles come in. Charles is my husband we’ve been married for 2 years but together for 5years. We’ve been through alot, and now things are really going how I always dreamed.

Like always he brought me home the most beautiful roses. Yeah, I know your thinking how sweet right? Well, that’s nothing compared to the exotic trips, opening every door, consistantly letting me know how much he loves me every chance he gets; I mean he is just perfect. He never says anything but, I know my nonchalantness agitates him. As he leaned in to hug me and hand me the roses he asked, “what’s wrong love?’ “Everythings right” I replied. But, he knew it, he knew something had changed.

self love

New Dynamics

Maybe things are different, maybe I have changed. But is me changing so bad? Let’s be honest with all i’ve been through change was enevitable. I still love my husband dearly and have no plans on leaving. Must admit I’m notthe same, I’m no longer looking for him to make me happy as I once did. I love him a lot but I love myself just as much. Finally I see my beauty and I admire the woman I have grown to be. 

Sounds crazy but I thank him because it was our experience that pushed me to find me. It was the things we been through that made me tune into that small voice within. Most would call me crazy for staying when they felt I should have left, but i’m glad I stayed. And besides let’s face it your gonna go through something and if the person’s worth it then trust the journey. I did and look at me know not giving a damn what anyone thinks or says cause I validate me. And turns out my husband is fianllly the man a new he could be.

What does the reflection in your glass display?