The Power In Not Explaining

The Power in not explaining

The power of not explaining is often under estimated. Just think about the energy it takes to explain someone of your truth. Emotion= (energy in motion) is used when trying to convince someone why or how to see things as you do. Often this results in your energy being drained and discombobulated. Now for the next few hours even days your mental space is occupied with replays and wondering why they didn’t understand.

Most are familiar with the term ” What’s understood doesn’t have to be explained.” But, sometimes what isn’t understood doesn’t have to be explained either. Now, don’t get me wrong in some cases explanation is very valuable. Say for instance at work explaining to your boss why you must take off and not be penalized for it. In-fact more than often one must realize that your way, your truth is just that, yours.

Mental Space management

Mental space management is very important and what you focus on expands. MSM is when you manage the area of thoughts that you allow to occupy your mind. This is very important because this is how we design our lives day by day. Look at high achievers. They rarely explain themselves and stand firm in their truth. They don’t waste mental space even worrying about what others have to say. Or if they explain it right others will get it. The power they process from not explaining speaks to their success.

The Power in not explaining


The power is in knowing that your truth belongs to you. It is okay for others not to get it. It is not your responsibility to try to make them see it your way. A lot of times explaining takes so much power away from ourself that we begin to question our own truth. If this happens then you have given up all power to explanation. left trying to explain to yourself why you were explaining in the first place. Such a mind fuck.

To maintain your power limit what you explain. You don’t need anyone to validate why you are feeling or doing what whatever it is. It’s your truth stand it. This is a part of being selfless. Which is very important to growth and success. So what’s not understood doesn’t need to be explained.