Being A Product Of Your Environment


What does being a product of your environment really mean? Studies have shown that we have been a product of our environment since conception. Being a product of your environment should not be taken lightly. Once upon a time scientist believed that we were what ever our DNA patterns suggested but that was long before the discovery of cells or the brain of the cell know as the Membrane, which is the controlling factor of the cell.

What was discovered by the scientific community is that “It’s the environment stupid.” What this means is that from the time of conception the environment to which you were subject to played a major part, not only just your surroundings but your thought process as well. Chakras and Religion

Environment Molds You

Money habits and habits of love were all formed via your environment and over wrote your DNA. And as you grew and are still growing your environment plays a major key in how succesful you may be, and Your process of thinking. How you socialize with people your confidence, how you move in life are all a result of your environment.


Even The chakra system can be affected by your environment. When we are inmother’s womb going through the 7 stages of life our chakras are being developed from the crown down we will then spend our days on earth working our way from the root back up to the crown. The interesting thing about this development phase is that the environment mommy is around during this time will not only alter her but have a major effect on the baby that she is carrying.

For instance let’s say mom in her 9th month is very scared of giving birth even feels she may not be ready to parent. Thoughts of adoption waving back and forth in her mind although she never acts on it. That environment will then effect that child Root Chakra since it is developed in the 9th month of pregnancy.

What will happen is that the child will have an imbalance in the Chakra System. The Root Chakra is responsible for your groundedness to time and space, your fight or flight, and your money just to name a few.

The child will grow up and not understand why they are faced with the challenges they have. And i would say ” iT’s the environment stupid.” So be mindful to the environment that you subject yourself is altering you in a way that works in alignment with what you desire and who you desire to become.