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About Us

Your Healing Writer is a Personal Development blog. We strive to bring you tools, tips and information along with creative short stories to inspire you on your healing journey. Your Healing Writer was established in 2010 by Aja Wolfe most know her as A Vegan Gypsie and the original name of the blog was Avegangypsie.com. Aja Is a Creative Writer and Reiki Therapist out of Atlanta, GA and has been assisting clients with healing modalities Such as Reiki and Mental Reprograming. After 8 years of amazing client results she wanted to offer some of the things she had learned and practiced to the general population. She decided to change the companies name because it was no longer just about her. She wanted to reach those who felt too vulnerable to seek help with healing. Your Healing Writer also offers Personal development services. Just click the link below.


Montanna Harrod


Hello All! I am Montanna a.k.a Monty, I am one of the Editors here at Your Healing Writer. With my creativity, experiences, and storytelling abilities I look forward to taking you all on a creative journey of healing, prosperity, and independence. Personal development and healing is our goal here at Your Healing Writer. A small background about me is that I am a world traveler, I am a wife, cat mom, fashionista, DIY enthusiast, and personally acclaimed chef. I’ve lived in Europe and visited some of the most breathtaking destinations. I love journalism and I am excited to be an editor here.

A Vegan Gypsie

Editor in Chief / Reiki Therapist

Welcome to Your Healing Writer where we bring you stories that heal. My name is Aja (Ahja) but most know me as A Vegan Gypsie I am the creative writer here at Yourhealingwriter.com. With my passion for inspiring and writing combined with my knowledge in metaphysical science I bring you tools, tips, and information for the mind, body and spirit so that you may live a balanced life. I don't preach about nothing I haven't practiced. Yourhealingwriter.com is where my passion met my purpose. I want the same for my readers. Healing is yours for the taken so take all you need from what you read.

James Davis