Perhaps it’s getting older or more spiritually matured, or maybe it’s finally been able to appreciate where I am in life, or it could be because I recognize God working in every corner of my life. I don’t know for sure what the reason is, but lately I have been doing some serious heart and house cleaning. In the last few years I have gotten to not only know myself, but also embrace who I am—finally! Consequently I have lubricated the once squeaky door to my heart and opened it wider to receive the people who may have had limited access. I have dusted each shelf and examined the contents of the vessels that have been obstructing the entrance. My kids believe I am sort of an introvert. I am fine with that. I need solitude and cannot thrive without quiet time to collaborate with nature. However, I am making an effort to be more accessible and outgoing.

So to clear any hidden clutter and residue of negativity and worry that may be lingering in our hearts, and will never serve us well, I invite you to throw out the disappointments and release the should-haves of yesteryears. Examine old dreams and allow room for new ones. Yes. It’s never too late to dream. We are never too old to reach for the imaginable. And finally, open the windows of your soul to allow healing, refreshing, restorative and rejuvenating light to circulate through your being. Breathe deeply, exhale, and feel the muck fall away. It is said that we are spiritual beings here on earth for a human experience. I don’t know if there is anything sadder than journeying through this life without the peace of God. I have been there and I am not going back, because the truth is, we have everything we need and will ever need. We always have, and the wants will come in God’s timing. David encourages us to commit everything to God. He says, “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). It is not about regular church attendance, although that is important. It is not dressing our wounds with the Band-Aid of laughter or indifference. It is not a trade off, meaning God will give us riches if we love Him. Rather, I think the verse is telling us that when we learn to praise and worship Him through whatever we are going through, we are aligning our desires with His purpose for us, and we will never be empty, lacking or unfulfilled. And you can begin by clearing the clutter to see clearly with spiritual eyes.

So I continue to clear the clutter and work on dividing my time proportionately and wisely to make first thing first to stay connected to my Source. Quite often we allow our cluttered lifestyle to keep us away from savoring the undeserved favors we received from the only One that is able to shape, refine, fill and sustain us. Or we are so busy trying to survive that we forget to live; we forget that we were all blessed with gifts and we are not here by accident or some blunder of nature. And if we are not careful our cluttered life can cause our worship to be a drive-through affair with an outdated program.

CUT THE DEAD BRANCHES AND PULL THE WEEDS: Think about this: from time to time most of us go through our house and collect clothes and household stuff we have not used in years. We go through drawers and cabinets, and make note of what we need. We clean and reorganize the garage. And if you are like me, you also prune trees and shrubs, pull weeds and freshen up the gardens with new plants, colorful flowers and mulch to enjoy the bounty and beauty of nature. And so it should be with our physical and spiritual life. We should be continually examining our relationship with God so it becomes, or remains a sweet smelling aroma to His nostrils. Our hearts should be so filled with gratitude that last year’s thank you is never sufficient for today’s blessings, and our praise and worship should be new every day to thwart the enemy’s plan. To stay fresh and fruitful, it is also vital to remove the dead branches of our life, and cut off the people who insist on distracting us, and weighing us down with negativity. We must shake ourselves loose of those who continually criticize us to keep us stuck where we are.

CHAOS EXHAUSTS OUR JOY: A cluttered home creates disorder and confusion that keeps us busy, anxious, and unavailable for family and friends, and worst, leaves us with little time for God and self. Not only does clutter robs us of the beauty around us, it drains our energy and strips us of our creativity. Constant chaos prevents us from fully enjoying life, and distracts us from becoming who we were meant to be. The same applies to the heart and mind. Regrets, disappointments, unforgiveness, grudges, resentments are all obstructions the enemy use to keep us from living a joyful life of service to God. In the end, clutter signifies fear. It is failure to be decisive and productive. Let’s not wait for another new year to clear the clutter in our life. Do it now. You have nothing to loose but clutter.






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