We were created to love! We yearn to love and be loved. Our thirst for love is unquenchable, our appetite insatiable, and yet we are always afraid of opening up ourselves to others. The excuses are numerous: he/she is going to hurt me, rob me, cheat on me, not love me back, leave me…the list goes on. These excuses are all about self. We cuddle and protect our complaints, grudges, bitterness, malice, resentments and fears while blaming others, but failed to understand that love is selfless. Once we get pass the pain of rejection, betrayal, abandonment, and false starts, we will come to understand that the best gift we can give anyone is love. I am not saying the complaints are not legitimate, but we should not allow them to thwart true love when it comes. I am under construction, but I believe that once we truly understand the origin and sacrifices of love, we won’t be so afraid to offer it. Love—not lust or sexual gratification—brings us face to face in the glowing image of who we are.

Let us learn from the cross. The cross is not about pain, misery, suspicion, fear or mistrust. It represents love in its purest, freest, finest, most generous state. It teaches that love is selfless, demonstrative, faithful and sacrificial. Love is not weakness. Love is strength. It is power! Love is the ultimate gift and we were created to keep unwrapping it!

I vow to never stop unwrapping love!

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