From time to time we will run into situations that test our willpower. We will meet people who cause us to question our moral values, and even doubt the core of who we are. How we react and how we determine our worth will depend on who we believe our designer to be, and our personal relation with said. Our assessment of ourselves can send us down a path we did not wish to travel, or allow us to stand on our commitment to God and everything we believe to be true about our origin.

You were not carelessly made or cheaply thrown together. Regardless of who your parents are or how you came into this world, you are not a mistake. You are an intentional, intricate, one-of-a-kind design, although, somewhere along the way, you may have allowed a parent, spouse, relative or friend to determine your value at far less than what you are worth.

But God never intended for you to be on a clearance rack. You are a priceless treasure in God’s kingdom. Accept nothing less. Understand that when you know your true worth, that knowledge cushions the impact of a broken heart and keeps your heart open. It takes you through the storms of life with a song in your heart and praise in your mouth. Your sense of value will no longer be wrapped up in your appearance or how much money you have in the bank. It won’t be tied to your past either. Where you came from and where you are right now is not the sum total of you as a person. Those events and circumstances are simply chapters of your story and you are the only person who can decide how your story ends. When you know who you are in Christ, you will know who you really are . . . a treasured child of God.

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