Join the Party!

Rain Cranes! Image taken in Central Florida, U...

The mountains rise up and breathe. Water is drawn into the atmosphere and returns as rain to fill rivers and streams. The sun licks up the rain and spits it out to renew the earth.

I live in, what is consider by some, a rural section of Central Florida. At nights when it rains, I can hear the night creatures singing and jammin’ to a holy tune, and sometimes I am privileged with special effects created by fireflies. The earth is alive! Christ is alive! So instead of worrying about tomorrow, we might as well rejoin the party and move to the rhythm of life. The songwriter says, I don’t mind waiting on the Lord. But “wait” is a verb, to wait on something is to expect something. So make up your mind to live holy and fully while waiting for God’s plan to manifest in your life.

Quiet your mind and observe nature at work and play, and you will recognize that God speaks in the whisper of the wind while hope speaks in activity. Blessings.

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