Love is Godliness in Action

The New Year is always a way to start another chapter in our lives. It can be seen as a signal for change, an opportunity for new beginnings. So, you’re halfway through the first month of 2012, and hopefully you are all off to a good start. Whether you have resolved to fast and pray more, develop a closer relationship with God, exercise more, eat healthier, shed a few pounds, or gain some curves, taking better care of your physical and spiritual self is always a great start.

In one of my daily readings from Our Daily Bread, I read that “godliness may sound dull, scary, and unattainable, but the essence of godliness is simply self-giving love—caring more for others than we are for ourselves. This kind of love is hard to come by, but it’s one that grows in the presence of love. We grow loving and more lovely by sitting at Jesus’ feet, listening to Him, talking things over—gaining in likeness to the One who is love.”

Hence I have released the past, knowing I am loved and supported. I asked Abba Father to guard my heart and my tongue. I want to speak less and listen more. I am thankful for the blessings I am granted today. I am grateful I enjoy a peaceful home in which the Divine Spirit moves freely. I pray each day to be a blessing to others.

It is true, life is a journey into love, and we learn more about ourselves by loving others. So, if like me, you are struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions, remember we are not perfect, but to love is godly, and there is nothing more attractive than a godly soul. If you fall by the wayside, do not be discouraged. Start again knowing that God is with you and He promised to never leave you or forsake you. And remember to keep your heart open as you navigate and negotiate life’s sudden twists and sharp turns.

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